• Madoff Victim Fund Recovery

    Federal authorities recently announced that victims of Bernard Madoff's massive Ponzi scheme are able to apply for a share of $2.35 billion dollars that was recovered through criminal and civil forfeiture actions.

    Madoff Victim Fund Recovery
  • Madoff Victim Fund Recovery

    The Madoff Victim Fund Recovery team is here to assist you in the claims submission process.

    Madoff Victim Fund Recovery
The Deadline for Claim Submissions is February 28th. As Stated by The Special Master in charge of the Madoff Victim Fund:
Since this can require lengthy documentation and analysis for some accounts, we urge indirect investors to file as quickly as possible. Since the burden of proof of loss is on the claimant, you may also wish to consider using advisors or accountants to help document your loss. PLEASE DO NOT DELAY STARTING THE PROCESS.”

Quoted From: www.madoffvictimfund.com

Victims of Madoff's infamous Ponzi scheme have a chance to make claims for a share of a $2.35 billion federal recovery fund. Burned customers who invested with Madoff indirectly through financial feeder funds are eligible to file claims.

Tens of millions of dollars to which victims are entitled from the Madoff Victim Fund will go unclaimed. Some victims will not file out of privacy concerns.

However, many victims simply will not properly document their losses and submit their claims. The Madoff Victim Fund Recovery Website has been established in order to assist victims who might not otherwise document losses and submit claims.

Simply stated, we gather and review your documentation of a Madoff loss, make certain your documentation is sufficient and fill out the appropriate papers for a successful claim. In the event that the Madoff Victim Fund requests further documentation or disputes your claim, we will respond on your behalf as your attorneys.

We are also here to advise clients on matters relating to privacy and jurisdiction. Placing a claim for Madoff Victim Fund monies may not be in your interest depending upon your potential exposure to claw back actions (even net-losers have been subjected to suits) and your need for privacy.

We are here to fight for your fair share. It is our belief that the Department of Justice has significantly underestimated the complexity of the task they have undertaken such as the apportionment of feeder fund and nominee bank losses to individual/beneficial investors. Our lawyers are here to work your claim through such complexities and potential objections in order to maximize your recovery.

For example, the representatives answering the Fund's '800' number do not seem to appreciate that the cash losses of individuals might not be easily traceable to the feeder fund through which they invested (due to prior investors redeeming shares on the same day as or slightly prior to the victim's investment).

Regardless of how much legal work your case may or may not require, the fee for our services will be the same and will consist of a small percentage of your actual recovery at the time of your recovery. In other words, "no recovery/no fee" - there is no out of pocket cost to you.

Our attorneys are available by phone to answer your questions throughout the process. The Madoff Victim Fund Recovery Website offers you two things:

(1) the convenience of not having to decipher and fill out forms or draft letters; and,

(2) the security of knowing that if your claim requires further clarification or argumentation, you've got an experienced attorney handling it at a pre-set nothing out of pocket cost.